What’s In A Fat?

Here’s the skinny on this important nutrient.

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A fat, like protein and carbohydrates is a macronutrient and we all need macronutrients for normal body functions without them we could not survive. Fats give us energy and allow for the transport of other nutrients in order for them to do their job efficiently.  A fat contains 9 calories per gram. If your favorite treat has 10 grams of fat then 90 calories of the total calories are from fat.


  • Fat is essential for life. It protects our internal organs and acts as a cushion.  But, too much fat around our internal organs is dangerous and can lead to many preventable diseases.
  • Fat keeps our bodies functioning at the proper body temperature. If you’ve ever been on a diet where your body fat drops to low levels you might have noticed you could be cold on a summer’s day!
  • It allows our bodies to process and transport the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D E & K.

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