What Is Great Nutrition? Cutting Through the Confusion

Are you among those who are bewildered and intimidated by all the advice out there on nutrition?

So many foods we’re told are unhealthy, and the list is constantly changing.

Meat, bread, fruit, sugar, processed foods, GMO foods, non-organic vegetables…

What’s left to eat?

Yet, we know good nutrition is an essential pillar of good health.

The truth is, there is no “one size fits all” answer to the question, “What is good nutrition?” Based on your age, your sex, your activity level, your body type, your metabolism, food allergies, your budget, your preferences… The nutrition plan that is right for you is to some extent unique for you. This, for example, is why a particular weight loss program may work for someone else but not for you. It’s not necessarily due to some failure on your part. It may simply be that the weight loss program was not a good fit for your unique needs.

Nutrition Coach Linda Stephens, Darien CTSo, it’s important as a starting point to have a professional nutritionist like Linda Stephens assess your particular needs before designing your nutrition program. This initial consultation and planning will make a huge difference in your success level.

Enjoy Eating Healthy!

Healthy food is meant to be enjoyable rather than a sacrifice. You’ll be surprised at how much you look forward to your next healthy meal!

How It Works

When we sit down to discuss what YOUR individual nutritional needs may be, we’ll address the many questions you have regarding food choices, vitamins & supplements. I’ll have you initially keep a food log for me so that I can see exactly what you are consuming during the week and on the weekends.

I promise you my meal plans are simple and easy to follow. It will be designed specifically for you with foods you like.

  • People experiencing low energy levels.
  • Those who have trouble sleeping through the night.
  • Athletes seeking to gain a competitive edge.
  • Children with behavioral issues.
  • People who’d like to lose weight.
  • People who would like to become less dependent on prescription drugs.
  • Those suffering from chronic pain. Good nutrition can naturally decrease inflammation and pain.

nasm-certified-national-academy-of-sports-medicine-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctLinda Stephens has a masters degree in clinical nutrition. This, in addition to her NASM certification and her years of experience as a personal trainer makes Linda especially effective as a nutrition coach. But even more, Linda has been helping the group with the most challenging nutritional goals. These are figure competitors who are sculpting their bodies in preparation to face competition and stand in front of a group of picky judges. How do you prepare for such competition while remaining on a healthy nutrition plan? Linda’s success here means that there’s a good chance she’ll help YOU to a successful nutrition program and the achievement of your goals.

When would you like to start?