It’s your time to have the body you’ve dreamed of and feel more energetic.

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I thought this would be a good time to write about something every one can appreciate this time of year—losing weight and having more energy.  It’s also a good time to revisit that old New Year’s resolution, “this year I’m going to join a gym, eat better and get in shape” or something along those lines.

Two things have inspired me to write this, the first being that I myself have started my leaning out process for my third season as a National Physique Committee (NPC) figure competitor and, secondly, at Infinity Fitness in Darien (where I personal train and nutrition coach) I’m leading a team of 15 very motivated women in our six-week body transformation competition.

It’s the perfect time of year to recharge that resolution.  The weather is great to run, walk or bike outside.  Grab your dumbbells and do your weight training in the sun.

Your muscles will feel great while you absorb all that vitamin D.  The other great thing about this time of year is that we often eat less and our food choices tend to be healthier.

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