Why women need to lift heavier weights for a more shapely figure, overall confidence and good health.

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There are two misconceptions that I experience as a personal trainer.  The first one is that most women feel they need to do cardio for countless hours day in and day out in order to stay “long and lean”.

The other misconception that’s expressed to me by many women is that they don’t want to lift heavy weights for fear of becoming bulky and “too big.”  I’d like to address the later first.

As women, we just don’t have the amounts of testosterone it would take to build a huge bulky shape. Also, you would have to lift heavily for months even years in order to build some serious muscle mass. It doesn’t happen overnight, so let’s just throw that fear right out the window. You can curl or press the 5- or 8-lb. dumbbells for 100 repetitions but that’s not really going to do much of anything.

If you’re not going to challenge your muscles they will never grow.  If you don’t build muscle then your body will never really look any different.  I’m sure most reading this have heard the term “skinny fat.” You can run your little heart out on the treadmill, but if you don’t stress your muscles they will never develop shape.

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