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Prepare for your first, or next figure/bikini competition! Includes everything from assessing your current readiness to exercise, nutrition, posing, frame of mind, practice, support and much more!

We’ll assess your current situation, set a goal and then go for it! Includes creating a customized balanced nutrition plan for your particular body type and metabolism, accommodation for any special dietary requirements, meal planning that is both easy and interesting and much more. I coach all ages and both individuals and families.

When it comes to personal training there is no “one size fits all” approach. Your personal fitness program will only be successful if it involves exercise and activity that you love, while at the same time helping you successfully reach your fitness goals. Not everyone loves running, or swimming, or the gym, or weight training. We’ll discover what you love and what works, so that you’ll be inspired to stay with it until you succeed!

Have a 15 minute conversation to professionally explore your possibilities whether it involves figure/bikini competition, overall fitness or ability to reach a personal goal or enjoy engaging in a particular activity.